Walk Slowly

Walk Slowly 

A piece of wonderful co-creation by Mary Gospe and Nidhi Kaur. Mary wrote and recorded Walk Slowly after being inspired by Nidhi’s poems “You Don’t Live for the End” from her book, My Wedding with Truth, available on Amazon. Nidhi created the video.

Walk slowly, what’s the hurry?

God walks with you

There’s no need to worry

Walk slowly, wipe away those tears

The love inside you

Leaves no room for fear

Walk slowly (x4)

Walk slowly, look around 

Beauty surrounds you

Heaven’s here, right now

Walk slowly, barefoot on the beach

The waves will smile 

And kiss your feet

Walk slowly (x4)

Watch the seagulls as they dip and dive

Soaring across the deep blue sky

Sunbeams cast spotlights across the sea

Sending their love down to you and me


Walk slowly, feel the calm?

Truth lies within you

You’re where you belong

Walk slowly, as the ocean breeze

Wraps you in love

You are safe and free
Walk slowly
Walk slowly
Walk slowly
Walk slowly