5/28/22: People Passing Through Wins 3rd place for Best Vocal Album 2021 by One World Music Radio

The Song Gardeners are thrilled to have their debut album, People Passing Through, win 3rd place for Best Vocal Album of 2021 by One World Music Radio. The 9th annual awards show was broadcast by Steve and Chrissie Sheppard and other OWMR presenters.

Thank you to our producer, David Scheibner!

5/4/22: "Present" debuts at #2 on the New Age Music Chart

4/28/22: "Present" debuts at #1 on the One World Music Radio singles chart

The Song Gardeners are thrilled to have their single, “Present,” written by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe, and produced by David Scheibner, debut at #1 on the One World Music Radio singles chart for April 2022.

1/16/22: People Passing Through awarded Best New Age Music Album 2021
10/28/21: People Passing Through album debuts at #4 in the OWMR Top 100 Albums Chart

10/5/21 - People Passing Through album (#2) and Warrior of Light (#5) on the NAMC for Sept. 2021

New Age Music Chart – September 2021

Why do we need music? Looking at the September 2021 New Age music chart, the answers come easy: we need it to be inspired, to dream, to heal, to bring us together – and, my favorite, to create memories. On the list is also one other key feature of music; to preserve culture. River Songs’ Music Of The Wounaan is released to bring awareness to the Wounaan Tribe’s indigenous way of life. 

This month Keith Richie is no. 1 with the single Epica. His upcoming album, bearing the same name, will be released on October 15. The Song Gardeners have TWO titles on the list; their brand new album People Passing Through and the single Warrior of Light. If you need a positivity boost, look no further! Also, check out my recent interview with the people behind this band: Mary Gospe and Corrie Dunn.

Wayne Bethanis is down to no. 3 this month (after being no. 1 in June and August), but there is no doubt that Measures of Light has become one of 2021’s most popular New Age music releases. Remember also to check out David J. Peña’s new album Winds of Change.

In other news; the New Age Stars Radio stream will move to a new server in mid-November. The stream is ad-free and is available to audiences worldwide, thanks to SOCAN-licensing. With that ends 14 years at (which, sadly, is only available in the US, Canada, and the UK). Now people everywhere can enjoy the channel!

6/16/2021: ZMR Music Awards Nominate "Time to Soar" for Best Vocal Album, Mary Gospe for Best New Artist
7/1/2021: "Harmony of Contrast" debuts at #4 on the New Age Music Chart for June 2021

“Harmony of Contrast” written by Mary Gospe and David Scheibner, and recorded by The Song Gardeners, debuts at #4 on the June 2021 New Age Music Chart.

2/5/2021: "Warrior of Light," written by Mary Gospe, reaches #1 on New Age Music Guide's January Chart

A new year and new possibilities! I think a wind of hope – and probably a few new year’s resolutions too – are reflected in the New Age Music Chart for January 2021. The Song Gardeners’ “Warrior of Light”, this month’s no. 1, sums up the atmosphere perfectly. – BT Fasmer

New Age Music Chart – January 2021

5/1/2021: "Reveal," Co-written by Mary Gospe, debuts at #1 on New Age Music's April 2021 Chart
1/5/21 - "The Black Crow Prophecy" on Peter Hammond's Best of 2020 Show on 2MAXFM, Australia.

January 5, 2021

The Black Crow Prophecy, from Mary Gospe’s album, Time to Soar, made it to #11 on Peter Hammond’s best of 2020 show on 2MAXFM, Australia.

1/21/21 - "Warrior of Light," Written by Mary Gospe, Released by The Song Gardeners

Written as a response to the chaos of 2020, Mary Gospe’s song, “Warrior of Light,” (recorded by The Song Gardeners and produced by David Scheibner) is a song of courage and empowerment. Discern your own truth, shift from fear to love and:

Stand up! Reclaim your sovereignty
Stand up! For what you believe
Stand up! Create a new story
Stand up! Peacefully, peacefully
Activate the love inside, be a warrior, warrior of light

(Read the full lyric)

Mary Gospe: lead vocals; Corrie Dunn: piano and backing vocals; Chris Day: bass; David Scheibner: production, mixing and guitars.

Listen and watch the lyric video.

12/21/20 - "Love Flows" #4 on One World Music Radio's Top 30 tracks of 2020

“Love Flows,” written by Mary Gospe, recorded by The Song Gardeners and produced by David Scheibner came in at #4 on One World Music Radio’s Top 30 tracks of 2020

#4: The Song Gardeners with “Love Flows”, one of many splendid singles from the new age band, but one that seemed to resonate the most with the station. It was a timely release, when we all needed to see the love flow as well, but the creative genius of this band leaves me to think that 2021 could potentially be huge for them.
11/11/20 - "Love Is the Magic of Change," Written by Corrie Dunn, Released by The Song Gardeners

The magic of love can change the world into a kinder, peaceful place. “Love Is the Magic of Change,” the #ChillJazz new single written by Corrie Dunn, recorded by The Song Gardeners, and produced by David Scheibner, celebrates our “oneness” and inspires us to better humankind. May you find this song soothing and inspiring as we work to heal and come together as families, communities, nationally and globally.

And we are one with the universe sparks of light
Connecting the people and places in our lives
And we are here for a moment in space and time
Inspiring each other to better humankind

Corrie Dunn:  synths, lead and backing vocals. Mary Gospe: backing vocals. Chris Day: bass. Produced and mixed by David Scheibner.

Listen and watch lyric video.

9/30/20 - "We Are One" earns 2nd Place in the One World Music Oneness Award.

We Are One, earns 2nd Place in One World Music’s Oneness Award

9/15/20 - "Altered State," Written by Mary Gospe, Released by The Song Gardeners

Altered State,” the #ChillGroove single written by Mary Gospe and produced and mixed by David Scheibner, invites listeners to escape the chaos and craziness of the world and dance their way into an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, freedom and love. The lyric video takes viewers on a trip through space courtesy of the NASA Hubble telescope.

“I want a date with an altered state
I want to find a little peace of mind
I want to float in tranquility, so free
In the womb of all that is and ever will be”

Mary is a long-time meditator and teaches an online meditation class called A Journey Into Meditation: Manifesting the Life You Desire. Altered State captures many of the joys of meditation including experiencing a magical sacred space, profound love, and unity consciousness.

Recorded by The Song Gardeners: Mary Gospe: lead & backing vocals. Corrie Dunn: Keys and backing vocals. Chris Day: bass. David Scheibner: guitars, production and mixing.

8/8/20 - "Love Flows" and "I Choose Love" Finalists for the 2020 Global Peace Song Awards

August 8, 2020: Peace Song Awards announced the Top 5 Jury Finalists for its Fourth Annual Contest. Winners will be announced on September 21, 2020, to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace. “The belief and the pursuit of peace is as important today as it was at any time in the world’s history. With its global reach and inspiring mission, the Peace Song Awards (PSA) are thought to be the first to hold an annual worldwide search for the most spiritually-inspiring songs, spoken word poetry, sound-healing and music videos promoting messages of peace.” 

Mary Gospe’s song, “I Choose Love,” from her debut album, Time to Soar, is one of the finalists in the Country / Folk Music category. Her song, “Love Flows,” recorded with her band, The Song Gardeners, is a finalist in the New Age category.

For more information, visit

7/1/2020 - "Love Flows" reaches #2 on the New Age Music Chart by New Age Music Guide

Love Flows,” written by Mary Gospe, recorded by The Song Gardeners, and produced by David Scheibner reaches #2 in June 2020 – New Age Music Chart, by New Age Music Guide.

6/18/20 - The Song Gardeners Launch with Two Singles: "Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu" and "Love Flows"

June 18, 2020

The Song Gardeners is a musical trio from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn (vocals, piano, guitar), singer/songwriter Mary Gospe (vocals, guitar, percussion), and Chris Day (bass). Their original songs are filled with positive, empowering messages and beautiful harmonies.

The band’s first two singles, “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu,” written by Corrie Dunn and “Love Flows,” written by Mary Gospe, were released on June 18, 2020. The songs were produced by verteran producer and guitarist, David Scheibner.

6/7/20 - "Time to Soar" wins 3rd place for Best Vocal Album of 2019 by One World Music Radio

June 7, 2020: Time to Soar won 3rd place for Best Vocal Album of 2019 by One World Music Radio.  Thank you to my producer, co-writer and co-creator Vito Gregoli and for gorgeous backing vocals by Corrie Dunn and Kimberly Haynes.

Congrats to the 1st place winner: Sangeeta Kaur – Compassion, and the 2nd place winner: Elisete – Inspired By The Sun, and to the other nominees:

  • Juliet Lyons – The Light Within
  • Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe – There Is A Light That Will Remain
  • Osmunda Music – Love Will Overcome
  • Paul Luftenegger – Seeds of Peace
  • Radharani – Time to Wake Up
  • Sonoride – 101
  • Camila Meza – Ámbar

Vocal 3rd place Mary Gospe

4/1/2020 - "Time to Soar" Album at #4 in the New Age Music Chart by New Age Music Guide

“Time to Soar” Album hits #4 in the New Age Music Chart – March 2020, by New Age Music Guide.

2/5/20 - Los Altos singer-songwriter launches new career focused on the upbeat - The Los Altos Town Crier

Published: 05 February 2020

Written by Los Altos Town Crier Staff – Town Crier Staff Report




After 30 years in marketing for companies like Apple, Los Altos resident Mary Gospe knew there had to be “life after tech.” So she left the corporate world two years ago and embarked on an encore career as a singer-songwriter.

The result is a new album, “Time to Soar,” released in November, that already has one critic across the pond dubbing it “one of the albums of the year.” She proves a captivating vocalist and songwriter, unflinchingly upbeat – even when inspired by Syrian women refugees on the catchy “We Are One.”

Gospe, 56, may have started a new genre with what one critic dubbed “new-age rock,” an amalgamation of classic pop rock and new-age sensibilities revealed in life-affirming lyrics.

Residents won’t have to travel far to witness Gospe’s talents. She has been performing with fellow singer-songwriter Corrie Dunn under the name Song Garden at friend Carol Garsten’s Nature Gallery at 296 State St. during First Friday events in downtown Los Altos. She plans to be there again 6-8 p.m. Friday when First Friday activities are combined with the Los Altos Village Association-sponsored Valentine’s Stroll.


Gospe’s musical journey began in childhood. Her father was a musician and multi-instrumentalist.

“I grew up with my parents listening to the Big Bands, and my brothers were listening toThe Who and the Doors,” she recalled.

She took up clarinet before picking up guitar. She wrote her first song at 16. But music took a backseat as she pursued an MBA and a career in marketing.

Music kept calling and remained pervasive in her life. Gospe is still part of a musical family – her husband plays piano and her son Zach is a musician and songwriter (the Town Crier profiled him in 2013). She also took up alto saxophone and drums, and attended songwriting classes at Foothill College.

“I’ve always had a desire to write my own music,” Gospe said.

So two years ago, burned out in her marketing career and having paid her final college tuition bill, Gospe poured herself into music full time. She began performing at various social events and, through Garsten, hooked up with Dunn. Then in summer 2018, she met award-winning music producer Vito Gregoli. They hit it off musically. Gregoli worked with Gospe on nine of the 12 songs on “Time to Soar.”

A regular practitioner of meditation, Gospe finds a constant source of inspiration in universal spirituality. The song titles say it all: “Time to Soar,” “I Choose Love,” “Free to Be Me,” “Unity” and “Live from Your Heart.”

“These songs are affirmations to myself of how I want to proactively create my life experiences,” she said in a statement. “I hope to inspire others with my lyrics and my story, that at any age you can pursue your big dreams. Believe in yourself, let go of the fear of being judged and share the gifts you’ve been given.”

Gospe’s music is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, as well as her website,

1/7/20 - Press Release: Mary Gospe - "Time to Soar" - The Launching of a Debut Album and Professional Music Career

January 7, 2020 – Press Release

“Time to Soar,” the debut album by inspirational singer/songwriter Mary Gospe, was released on November 15, 2019. Co-created with award-winning producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist, David Vito Gregoli, “Time to Soar ” features 12 original Classic Rock/New Folk songs that encourage listeners to shed fear and worry and embrace their authentic self with love, trust, joy and freedom.

Mary’s Musical Journey Takes Flight
Mary has been passionate about playing and creating music her entire life, capturing snippets of lyrics in notebooks, sheets of paper shuffled in loose leaf binders, and in voice memos. She wrote her first song at age 16 and has studied the craft of songwriting for many years. Yet, it took a sabbatical from her career of 30 years in hi-tech to unleash her full musical creativity. It was then that she met an extraordinary musician who would change her life: Vito Gregoli.

In the summer of 2018, at the beginning of her sabbatical, Mary was introduced to Vito by a mutual friend. The two hit it off and soon after began working on nine of Mary’s songs. Mary wrote three more songs soon thereafter. Together, they explored and expanded Mary’s unique crossover genre of Classic Rock/New Folk with New Age messages in “Time to Soar.”  The album reflects Mary’s journey of becoming and embracing her authentic self and wisdom gleaned from her spiritual practice that intensified over the last five years. Her conscious songs are filled with positive, empowering, and spiritually-infused messages. Songs such as “Free To Be Me,” “Unity” and “The Black Crow Prophecy” feature Mary’s powerful vocals while the ballads “I Choose Love” and “All Is Well” showcase her angelic, calming voice.

“These songs are affirmations to myself of how I want to proactively create my life experiences. I hope to inspire others with my lyrics and my story, that at any age you can pursue your big dreams. Believe in yourself, let go of the fear of being judged and share the gifts you’ve been given” said Mary.

Vito co-wrote seven of the songs and played all the instruments on the album. Award-winning singer/songwriter Kimberly Haynes sang backing vocals on three tracks while Mary’s Song Garden bandmate, singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn, sang backing vocals on seven songs.

Exploring Time to Soar

    1. The first track on “Time to Soar” is “We Are One” which Mary wrote in early 2016 about a specific world issue, the Syrian refugee crisis. The arc of the song then shifts to a universal message of oneness.
    2. Walk Slowly,” was inspired by a poem written by Mary’s friend, Nidhi Kaur, called “You Don’t Live for the End” in her book My Wedding With Truth. It invites listeners to slow down, expand their awareness and experience the beauty and love that is around us at all times.
    3. The Black Crow Prophecy” is an upbeat rock-and-roll number in the style of The Pretenders and Fleetwood Mac. The idea for this song came while Mary was running in the woods after seeing a crow up in an oak tree. The crow, or raven, in Celtic mythology is an oracle which can foresee the future. So in the song, Mary is asking it for guidance on her life purpose.
    4. The title track, “Time to Soar,” is an open invitation for listeners to break out of routines or patterns that no longer serve them and pursue their biggest dreams. Vito came up with the Beatles/Gilbert & Sullivan bridge, which is a fun departure from the soaring vocals in the chorus.
    5. I Choose Love” is another over-arching theme for the album. It’s a reminder to stay in the moment and proactively choose to experience peace, joy and love. The entire chorus for this song came to Mary during a meditation. It’s a slow ballad with influences of George Harrison and Vito tried to capture a bit of the “All Things Must Pass” vibe.
    6. Free To Be Me” goes out to anyone who’s been told they aren’t good enough or don’t have the talent to do something. It’s a rocking anthem for personal empowerment reminiscent of Heart and Fleetwood Mac – with a bit of Stevie Winwood.
    7. Pendulum” draws stylistically from The Police and Fleetwood Mac to create a fun mashup of styles. It’s about letting go of fear and swinging emotions, especially around lack and scarcity, and shifting into a place of trust and love.
    8. Mary wrote “Unity” on the day of the January 2017 Women’s March in the United States. It’s a tribute to all of us (men, women and children) who work together to create a better world. It’s an anthem for women’s empowerment and for equality, justice and compassion, produced with a pseudo Rolling Stones texture.
    9. Ride the Wave” refers to the Universal Law of Attraction. It’s a reminder to let go of negative, stressful, low-vibration energy and shift to love and joy. Vito produced it to have a late 70s rock feel that brings to mind a lot of different bands like Little River Band, Al Jarreau and Kansas – with some modern Americana overtones.
    10. Let’s Break Away” is a fun, bluesy number that Mary wrote for her husband. It’s an invitation to be spontaneous, turn off the electronic devices, break from the routine and go have fun. You’ll hear influences of Traffic and early Rod Stewart.
    11. Live From Your Heart” is a song about trusting your guidance or intuition and proactively creating your life experiences. In it, Mary teaches a creative formula that you can use to manifest what you want in your life. You’ll hear overtones of the Eagles in the way Vito played on the guitar.
    12. The album ends with Mary’s lullaby to humanity called “All Is Well.” It’s an invitation to relax into a deep state of unconditional love and serenity.

“Time to Soar” is available as a physical CD via and digitally through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and others.

Explore to find song samples, videos, and links for streaming and buying tracks and the album. You can follow Mary on Facebook at Mary Gospe Music, on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

About Mary Gospe
Mary Gospe is an inspirational singer/songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area who blends the Classic Rock/New Folk genre with New Age, conscious messages. Her songs are filled with positive, empowering lyrics and a strong spiritual undercurrent.

Mary performs as a soloist and as a member of the duo Song Garden, along with singer/songwriter Corrie Dunn. Mary plays at private concerts, retreats, churches, fundraising events, and in cafes and retail businesses. Please contact Mary for booking information.

About David Vito Gregoli
David Vito Gregoli is founder of Dharmapala Records and an award-winning producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who creates genre-defying music that is fresh and expansive. In addition to Mary Gospe’s album “Time to Soar,” Vito recently worked on Merrill Collins’ “Every Man, Woman and Child – Yoga Flow Suite,Kimberly Haynes‘ “In Dreams” and Kimberly’s award-winning debut album “Awaken Me.” Vito is now working to bring the centuries old sacred text the “Bhagavad Gita” (translated by Lissa Coffey) to the world as an album and rock opera, “Song Divine.“

Vito’s instrumental work has been featured on albums by New Age and World Music artists such as Constance Demby, Jai Uttal, Ricky Kej, Stephen Kent and Donna DeLory. His own projects have included “Organic Nylon,” “Om Land” the award-nominated album “Primordial Sonics” and Yoga Heart Healing. For more information on Vito and his work, visit

11/15/19 - Mary Gospe's Debut Album, Time to Soar, Released

November 15, 2019

Time To SoarMary’s debut album was released on November 15, 2019. Each of the 12 original New Age pop songs are filled with positive, empowering, spiritually-infused messages. (View Lyrics.)  Songs such as “Free To Be Me,” “Unity” and “The Black Crow Prophecy” feature Mary’s powerful vocals while the ballads “I Choose Love” and “All Is Well” showcase her angelic, calming voice.

Co-created with producer/multi-instrumentalist, David Vito Gregoli, Time To Soar encourages the listener to shed fear and worry and embrace their authentic self with love, trust, joy and freedom.

Links to listen / purchase:


Album Streaming or Download:

12/7/18: "Winter Solstice" single released

Mary Gospe’s debut single, “Winter Solstice” was released on December 7, 2018. Mary wrote the lyric and music and recorded lead and backing vocals as well as rhythm guitar. Producer Vito Gregoli added additional instrumentation and mixed and mastered the recording. The song is available on major streaming platforms.

Watch the lyric video.